Flow cytometry assay at UCSF

An assay that uses a flow cytometer to detect fluorescence in individual particles that flow by a laser in solution.
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Flow cytometry immunoassay, Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS)
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Mission Bay, Mt. Zion

Laboratory for Cell Analysis (Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center Cytometry Core)

Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mission Bay, Mt. Zion
Contact: Rosa Navarro (415) 516-7437 sarah.elmes@ucsf.edu

  • MB RH-512 BD FACS Canto II
  • Cell isolation

Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core

Research Resource Program, Parnassus
Contact: General Contact 415-939-8195 flowassist@ucsf.edu

  • CyTOF, CyTOF 2 analyzers
  • Cytometers
  • FAC Symphony X50 analyzer
  • Flow Cytometer Analyzers
  • HTS plate loader option for analyzers
  • LSRII, Fortessa, X20 analyzers
  • Flow Cytometic Analysis

Core Immunology Lab

Division of Experimental Medicine, SOM-SFGH, SFGH
Contact: General Inquiries (628) 206-5232 Valerie.Girling@ucf.edu

  • Cell sorting
  • Cell sorting of HIV-infected samples
  • Cell sorting of samples stained with up to 12 colors
  • Cell sorting of sterile populations
  • Cell sorting with chilling of samples and sorted cells

Core Immunology Laboratory/CFAR Immunology Core

Division of Experimental Medicine, SOM-SFGH, SFGH
Contact: Jeffrey Milush 415-206-3881 jeffrey.milush@ucsf.edu

  • Custom flow cytometry and panel development
  • Flow cytometry training class
  • NK cell cytolysis, cytokine production and CD107 expression
  • T cell and NK cell Phosflow