Flow cytometer at UCSF

A flow_cytometer is an instrument for counting, examining and sorting microscopic particles in suspension. It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical and/or chemical characteristics of single cells flowing through an optical and/or electronic detection apparatus. A flow cytometer is an instrument that can be used to quantitatively measure the properties of individual cells in a flowing medium.
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Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core

Research Resource Program, Parnassus
Contact: General Contact 415-939-8195 flowassist@ucsf.edu

  • CyTOF, CyTOF 2 analyzers
  • FAC Symphony X50 analyzer
  • FACS Aria 2, FACS Aria 3, FACS Aria Fusion sorters
  • LSRII, Fortessa, X20 analyzers

Core Immunology Lab

Division of Experimental Medicine, SOM-SFGH, SFGH
Contact: General Inquiries (628) 206-5232 Valerie.Girling@ucf.edu

  • BD Bioscience FACS Calibur cell analyzer (4 color)
  • BD Bioscience LSR II cell analyzer (12 color) - 2