Flow cytometer analyzer at UCSF

An analyser is a flow_cytometer that is used to measure properties of particles (whole cells, nuclei, chromosomes, diatoms, plankton, bacteria, viruses) by moving these particles through a detection chamber. An analyser is used to collect data for analysis.
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Mission Bay

Gladstone Flow Cytometry Core

Gladstone Institute for Virology and Immunology, Mission Bay
Contact: Jane Srivastava 415-734-4824 jane.srivastava@gladstone.ucsf.edu

  • BD Fortessa X-20 18-color flow cytometer
  • BD LSR II 12-color flow cytometer
  • Thermofisher Attune NxT 14-color flow cytometer
Mission Bay, Mt. Zion

Laboratory for Cell Analysis (Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center Cytometry Core)

http://eagle-i.ucsf.edu/i/0000015e-077d-b8c9-7df5-b10d80000000, Mission Bay, Mt. Zion
Contact: General Inquiries 415-514-4176 braunb@peds.ucsf.edu

  • MB GH-S301K BD FACS Calibur
  • MB HD-335 BD FACS Calibur
  • MB RH-512 BD FACS Canto II
  • MZ CRB-S171 BD FACS Calibur

Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core

Research Resource Program, Parnassus
Contact: General Inquiries 415-939-8195 claudia.bispo@ucsf.edu

  • Flow Cytometer Analyzers
  • HTS plate loader option for analyzers