Real-time PCR at UCSF

A PCR technique that allows for detection and quantification of PCR products on a real-time basis.
Quantitative PCR, Quantitative real time RT-PCR, RT-PCR, QPCR
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China Basin

Viral Diagnostics and Discovery Center

Laboratory Medicine, China Basin
Contact: Charles Chiu

  • QPCR
HD330, Mission Bay

LCA Genome Analysis Center, HD330, Mission Bay
Contact: Emanuela Zacco (415) 913-9676

  • QPCR analysis using Sybr or Taqman chemistry
Mission Bay

Center for Advanced Technology

Biochemistry and Biophysics, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries 415-418-3658

  • Bio-Rad CFX Connect
Mission Bay

Gladstone Genomics Core

Gladstone Institutes, Mission Bay
Contact: Nathasha Carli 415-734-2799

  • Fluidigm Biomark HD QPCR

IHG Genomics Core Facility

Institute for Human Genetics, Parnassus
Contact: Eunice Wan (415) 514-3879

  • Strategene Mx3005P qPCR
  • QPCR analysis using the Kapa Quant Kit