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A microscope is an instrument which magnifies the view on objects (too small to be viewed by the naked eye) under increased resolution. A microscope can be an optical instrument but also and electronic instrument. There are various kind of optical microscopes, e.g confocal microscope, epifluoresence microscope)
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Mission Bay

Center for Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM)

Biochemistry and Biophysics, Mission Bay
Contact: Delaine Larsen 415-851-9940 Delaine.Larsen@ucsf.edu

  • 6D High Throughput Microscope: Fully motorized Nikon TI-E Microscope, Sutter excitation and emission wheels, Nikon Qi2 monochrome camera and Nikon Ri2 color camera
  • Nikon Time Lapse Microscope: Fully motorized Nikon Ti-E, Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 Camera, Sutter excitation & emission wheels, 37C incubator with CO2 and humidity control
Mission Bay

Gladstone Histology and Light Microscopy Core

Gladstone Institutes, Mission Bay
Contact: General Contact 415-734-2566 blaise.ndjamen@gladstone.ucsf.edu

  • Dissecting microscope
Mission Bay

Neurosurgery Tissue Core

Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries (415) 353-2966 Manish.Aghi@ucsf.edu

  • Light microscope