Light microscopy at UCSF

A microscopy technique that uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small samples.
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Mission Bay

Gladstone Histology and Light Microscopy Core

Gladstone Institutes, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries 415-734-2566

  • Light microscopy
Mission Bay

Gladstone Stem Cell Core

Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries 415-734-4924

  • Light microscope
Mission Bay

Neurosurgery Tissue Core, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries 415-502-7796

  • Light microscopy
Mission Bay, Mt. Zion

Laboratory for Cell Analysis (Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center Cytometry Core), Mission Bay, Mt. Zion
Contact: General Inquiries 415-514-4176

  • Light microscopy