Laser scanning confocal microscope at UCSF

A confocal microscope that obtains high-resolution optical images with depth selectivity, in which a laser beam passes through a light source aperture and then is focused by an objective lens into a small (ideally diffraction limited) focal volume within or on the surface of a specimen.
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Biological Imaging Development Center

Departments of Pathology and Medicine, Parnassus
Contact: Jordan Briscoe 415-476-4550

  • Leica SP5 laser scanning confocal microscope system
  • Nikon C1si spectral laser scanning confocal

Broad Center Imaging Core

Contact: William Walantus (415) 476-0847

  • Leica SP5 upright
  • Leica SP5X White Light Confocal with environmental chamber inverted
  • Leica SP8X White Light Confocal with environmental chamber