Isoflurane vaporizer at UCSF

A device that delivers a given concentration of a volatile anaesthetic agent, which is which is generally attached to an anaesthetic machine, commonly used for animal experimentation.
Anaesthetic vaporiser, Enflurane vaporizer
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Mission Bay

Animal Model Core

Neurological Surgery, Mission Bay
Contact: Tomoko Ozawa 415-476-9756

  • Isofluorane anesthesia delivery system
Mission Bay

Biomedical NMR Lab

Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Services, Mission Bay
Contact: Sukumar Subaramaniam 415-514-4454 Sukumar.

  • Isofluorane anesthesia delivery system
Mt. Zion

1.5T MRI at Mt. Zion

Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, Mt. Zion
Contact: Lisa Wilmes 415-514-7207

  • Isofluorane anesthesia delivery system: VetEquip Isoflurane System