Cryostat at UCSF

A device consisting of a vessel, similar in construction to a vacuum flask, that is used to maintain cold cryogenic temperatures.
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Liquid nitrogen dewar
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Mission Bay

Gladstone Histology and Light Microscopy Core

Gladstone Institutes, Mission Bay
Contact: General Contact 415-734-2566

  • Cyrostat
Mission Bay

Neurosurgery Tissue Core

Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries (415) 353-2966

  • Leica Cryostat HM550
Mt. Zion

Histology & Biomarker Core

Biorepository and Tissue Biomarker Technology Core, Mt. Zion
Contact: Rosa Navarro 415-502-3723

  • Cyrostat
  • Leica microtomes and cryostats

Liver Tissue Analysis Core

UCSF Liver Center, SFGH
Contact: James P. Grenert (415) 502-3252

  • Leica CM3050S cryostat at Maher laboratory, ZSFG campus
  • Leica CM3050S cryostat at Willenbring laboratory, Parnassus campus