Behavioral assay at UCSF

An organismal assay used to study the relationship of behavior to the environment or an experimental condition.
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Neurobehavioral Core for Rehabilitation Research (NCRR)

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Research, Parnassus
Contact: Sandra Canchola 415-476-5045

  • Neurological Exam - mice are examined for basic sensory and motor function.
  • Resident Intruder Test - in this test, the amount of time that a test mouse spends exploring an intruder stimulus mouse is used to measure social investigation and examine social behaviors.
  • Tube Dominance Test - a simple task utilizes a piece of clear plexiglass tubing of assigned length, mice are released at opposite ends. The test concludes when one mouse exerts dominance and forces the other back out of the tube.
  • von Frey Filaments - this test consists of thin calibrated plastic filaments applied to the plantar surface of the hindpaw.The evoked hindpaw withdrawal is is defined as the withdrawal threshold.