Animal physiology monitoring system at UCSF

An instrument that is used to monitor mechanical, physical, or biochemical functions in an organism.
Animal physiology monitor
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China Basin

7T MRI at China Basin

Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, China Basin
Contact: Sergey Magnitsky 415-514-8233

  • SA Instruments Small Animal Monitoring + Gating System
Mission Bay

Mouse Physiology and Morphology Core

Sabre-Sandler Asthma Basic Research Center, Mission Bay
Contact: Xiaozhu Huang 415-514-4272

  • Scireq FlexiVent pulmonary mechanics analyzer

DRC Mouse Metabolism Core

Diabetes Research Center, Parnassus
Contact: Chris Paillart (415) 341-7301

  • Blood pressure analysis system
  • Food intake measurement system (FIMS)
  • Oxymax Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS)

Neurobehavioral Core for Rehabilitation Research (NCRR)

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Research, Parnassus
Contact: Sandra Canchola 415-476-5045

  • Forced Exercise/Walking Wheel System (Lafayette) - this test can be used for phusiologic studies as well as activity based restorative therapies.
  • Grip strength meter -- grab on force bar
  • Hot/Cold Plate Test (Noldus) - a test of nocioceptive response in animals.
  • Rotarod (2) (Ugo Basile) - this test is used to screen for motor deficits which may influence performance in the behavioral tests and be a potential predictor of future physiological or behavioral motor impairments.
  • Tail flick test -- thermal stimuli