Animal activity monitoring at UCSF

A behavioral assay that can be done manually or using an electronic monitoring device to measure and record behavioral activity by a study animal.
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Mission Bay

Gladstone Neurobehavioral Core

Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries 415-734-2655

  • Action place avoidance conditioner
  • Automated open field (4 San Diego Instruments)
  • Balance beam
  • Barnes maze
  • Catwalk
  • Conditioned place preference
  • Contextural fear conditioning
  • Elevated plus maze
  • Elevated plus maze (Hamilton Kinder)
  • Fear conditioning apparatus (San Diego Instruments)
  • Forced swim test
  • Hole board
  • Light/dark box
  • Morris water maze
  • Open field activity
  • Passive avoidance chamber (San Diego Instruments)
  • Pavlovian/instrumental conditioner
  • Pole test
  • Pre-pulse inhibition
  • Radial arm maze
  • Rotarod
  • Startle chambers (Hamilton Kinder)
  • Tail suspension test
  • Three-chamber social approach
  • Touchscreen operant conditioner
  • Treadmill for gait analysis
  • Ultrasonic vocalization
  • Water cross maze
  • Wire hang
  • Wireless running wheels
  • Cognitive testing
  • Sensorimotor testing
  • Social/Emotional testing
  • HomeCageScan and SocialScan Videoanalysis software (CleverSys)
  • Noldus EthoVision Videotracking software