Restriction fragment length polymorphism electrophoresis at UCSF

A nucleic acid assay that is used to detect RFLPs, which involves fragmenting a sample of DNA by a restriction enzyme. The resulting DNA fragments are then separated by length using agarose gel electrophoresis, and transferred to a membrane via the Southern blot procedure. Hybridization of the membrane to a labeled DNA probe then determines the length of the fragments which are complementary to the probe. A RFLP occurs when the length of a detected fragment varies between individuals.
RFLP electrophoresis
→ Restriction fragment length polymorphism electrophoresis
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Genomics Core Facility

Institute for Human Genetics, Parnassus
Contact: Jonathan Woo 415-502-1576

  • resequencing assay design/execution/analysis, any fluorescence detected fragment length analysis using capilary electrophoresis (ABI 3730xl DNA analyzer)