Flow cytometer sorter at UCSF

A flow_cytometer_sorter is a flow_cytometer that analyzes and separates or sorts particles passing through (based on properties measured during analysis) to collect cells of interest.
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Mission Bay

Gladstone Flow Cytometry Core

Gladstone Institute for Virology and Immunology, Mission Bay
Contact: Marielle Cavrois 415-734-4824 mcavrois@gladstone.ucsf.edu

  • BD FACS Aria II 18-color cell sorter
  • BD FACS DiVa 10-color cell sorter
Mission Bay, Mt. Zion, Parnassus

Laboratory for Cell Analysis (Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center Cytometry Core)

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mission Bay, Mt. Zion, Parnassus
Contact: Ben Braun 415-514-4176 braunb@peds.ucsf.edu

  • MB GH-S301K BD FACSCalibur
  • MB HD-335 BD FACSAria3
  • MZ CRB-S171 BD FACSCalibur
  • Xenogen CCD imaging

Cytometry & Cell Sorting Core

Research Resource Program, Parnassus
Contact: Mike Lee 415-430-7676 michael.lee@ucsf.edu

  • Aria2 SORP HSW542
  • Aria3u HSW542
  • Avalon
  • FACS Aria II (with 365 nm laser)
  • FACS Aria II (with 561 nm laser)
  • FACSAria
  • FACSAria3
  • MoFlo XDP S1067
  • MoFlo XDP S1067 (HHMI)
  • S3

Division of Experimental Medicine Flow Cytometry Core

Division of Experimental Medicine, SOM-SFGH, SFGH
Contact: Jeffrey Milush 415-206-3461 esinclair@sfgh.ucsf.edu

  • BD Bioscience FACS Aria cell sorter (12 color)