Doppler OCT at UCSF

An imaging assay that uses time domain optical coherence tomography to acquire and process micrometer-resolution, three-dimensional images emanating from within optical scattering media.
Doppler optical coherence tomography, OCT, Optical coherence tomography
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Spectral doppler optical coherence tomography
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China Basin

Nuclear-Optical Imaging

Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Services, China Basin
Contact: Youngho Seo 415-353-9464

  • 3D-Optical Tomographic Imaging
Mission Bay

Gladstone Histology and Light Microscopy Core

Gladstone Institutes, Mission Bay
Contact: General Inquiries 415-734-2566

  • OPT - Optical Projection Tomography
  • Optical projection tomography
  • Optical projection tomography (ct for small specimens)